About us
 About the Main Product/Service

We are three adventurers who are lifelong friends fulfilling our dreams by creating eco-adventures for you.

Our business started in 2018 with the aim of bringing people a distraction with kayak and paddle board tours around Marco Island. We started with our flagship product Tours Mangrove in Kayak, we were adding services and today we are creating our store for the sale of articles related to our business, where we can offer facilities for the use of our services with exclusive prices, since they are first-hand, we guarantee the protection of our clients.




The team leader and the visionary behind the project. Rammel has a deep connection with Nature and an unshakable trust in positive energy. If you don’t believe in magic, go tour with him and you will certainly change your mind.
Language: English and Spanish 


Always happy and charming, Juan will do anything to make you feel the same way. His outgoing personality and joy are highly contagious. MOTTO: “Now is where the power is. Fall in love with your planet.”

Language: English and Spanish