About us


Our company was created in 2018. Three adventurers, lifelong friends, who came together to fulfill our dreams by creating eco-adventures for you.

We are LA VITA E' BELLA, the online store for Marco Eco Tours - Kayak Rentals & Tours products. We believe that small gestures can take you where you've always wanted. Be it a look, or a yes. It may be that many times, the opinions of others stop your ideas and do incredible things. That's why our purpose is to inspire you and help you take that little attitude that changes your day.

We offer several products, including clothing and accessories, such as accessories necessary to carry out various activities on a daily basis. All with the speed, reliability, power of innovation and quality of service that you deserve.


Connect people to a life with more style and simplicity.


To be a global reference in the online shopping experience.


Exist: Always help those in need

Honesty: Being sincere, always with the truth

Leadership: We believe that there is a better world

Collaboration: Direct participation

Commitment: In body and mind

Diversity: Without restriction of class, race, gender, sexual identity

Respect: Towards everyone, opinion, political ideas, religion, Empathy: Put ourselves in the place of others

Responsibility: Deliver what was promised and give our best

Quality: doing what we do well

Focus: On the needs of our customers and the market

Inspiring: Stimulate to undertake in what makes you happy

Continuous Improvement: Review processes, attend to statistics, metrics and results

Ethics and Integrity:Ethics and integrity are part of our culture and are essential to our business.

  • Rammel- Designer

    The team leader and the Designer. Ramel has a deep connection to nature and an unshakeable belief in positive energy.

  • Juan-Distribuidor

    Always cheerful and charming, Juan will do anything to make you feel the same. Distributor who brings your orders to your hands

  • Victor-Customer Support.

    A true warrior, Customer Service. Victor will be there for you to solve any situation.